Luis’s writing has appeared in The Guardian, Vox, CBS News, The Huffington Post, Public Radio International, and The Providence Journal. he writes about the American Immigration System, Immigration Detention, LGBTQIA Immigrants, Refuge and Asylum Law and Policy, and Identity in the Queer, Latinx and immigrant Communities.

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Is it still worth trying to come to America as an asylum seeker? I'm not sure

the guardian - march 10, 2018

Don’t come here. If you are afraid for your life and you have no place to go, don’t pick this country. It is not safe for you here any more.

If you try to cross our borders, people in military uniform called border patrol agents, will arrest you, throw you in a freezing cage and subject you to all kinds of abuses. These agents who don’t speak your language will sit you down and interrogate you. It won’t matter if you didn’t understand their questions, they will write whatever they want in dozens of forms, make you sign them, and use them against you later as they try to deport you.



This Is What It’s Like To Seek Asylum In America For Being Gay

huffington post - june 24 2018

I can’t believe how far I’ve come in fulfilling my identity and freely living as my truest self. Just this past weekend, I found myself once again beating my face with contour, eye shadow and glitter as I was getting ready to perform in drag with three of my closest friends. The four of us had come together ― maybe through chance, maybe through curiosity ― and all found real joy in dressing up as drag queens and performing for our close friends from time to time.


Documentary Feature That Accompanied Analysis Piece on CBS News

Analysis: How the asylum process works, and how it needs to change

CBS NEWS - JUNE 8, 2018

Lately, a steady stream of news has called attention to what is happening at our country's southern border and the policies being implemented by the Trump administration to deter asylum seekers from coming into the U.S.

Amidst this flood of information, a lot of misinformation has also spread. So it is important to set the record straight to understand how our asylum system currently works, why it is crucial to continue to receive asylum seekers in this country, and why we need to make sure they are treated fairly and humanely.